Thursday, January 29, 2015

January 2015 Transfers

We gladly welcomed 15 new missionaries to the TLM!  They're well-prepared, anxious and ready to work!  
We begin this 18/24 month time at the temple!!
At the mission home: listening to the Assistants introduce our new areas and trainers:)
Lunch at Blue Sky--a TLM tradition before we (FINALLY) get to actually meet our new companions and go preach the gospel!!
We couldn't do anything without the Assistants!  They do everything through inspiration's power!
Patiently waiting for an 'exit' interview with President Heap, the departing missionaries try to delay the hours....
And then we 'end' where we started: the Lubbock Texas Temple.......
Last night in the TLM activities:
This is what happens when you try to take too much liquid home--even in Texas!

Visa-waiter, Elder Singh left for India. 
Visa-waiter, Elder Mendoza left for Equador. 
Elder Jones and Jones left a few weeks ago to make school deadlines.  
After 4 trips to the airport...Transfers are totally exhausting!