Monday, September 8, 2014

August/September 2014 Zone Conferences

Even though it means long hours of traveling and lots of nights in a motel room, my most FAVORITE times are when we are with our missionaries. The missionaries in the TLM are truly the best in the whole wide world....I am not at all biased. Both the members and our missionaries are so excited about the changes in the mission regarding missionaries eating dinner in members' homes a little more often, the number of hours per week of service they are allowed to do (increased to 10 hours), and the opportunity to go to the temple one time per transfer. I love the way our missionaries uplift and build each other up. I love when we all get to be together- it's true that "when two or three are gathered in my name there will I be in the midst of them"! (D&C 6:32)

Look at these sisters loading up on their fruits and veggies!

Elders are so patient to always let the sisters go first!

President Warren and President Heap deep in conversation

President Vore brought one an original, 1830 edition of the Book of Mormon, that was owned by Newel. K Whitney
Sweet sisters that sacrificed their afternoon to make us lunch

Thanks to these good sisters, our missionaries were fed again!
"Sister Heap, is it true that if you carry your mom's purse, you will have a prettier wife?"
This "little" critter wanted to join us on our early morning run, but he was NOT welcome.

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