Friday, November 28, 2014

Transfers November 2014

Of course we start at the airport!

First stop: the Lubbock Texas Temple---it's where we begin....

Elder Hamblin, Sisters Raymond, Custer, Clark, Hjorth, and Greenfield, Elders Sork, Ericson, Hanson, May, Felts, Wrathall, Dacayanan, Holden, Singh, Farmer and Huskey...and President and Sister Heap. 

Then to the church for dinner and instruction!  It's a long, but really good day!  They're finally here inTexas!!

Then to the mission home for assignments!
The Assistants showing the Texas Lubbock Mission map---it's HUGE!!
Almost time to call it a day--and get ready to meet all the trainers tomorrow!

TLM tradition: lunch at the Blue Sky before all the new missionaries become assimilated into Texas/New Mexico life!
Elder and Sister Stommel and Elder and Sister Barlow--we couldn't do it or anything without ALL their help!!  
Now the transfers really begin, and those 'dying' coming in to go home!
Elders Clegg, Ware, Staples, Wallace, and Morgan. 
Elders Hammond and Briner. 
Elders Wallace and Squires. 
Elders Major, Hanson and Morgan. 
Elders Wrathall, Mangum and Ware. 
Sisters Howard, Brunt, and Greenfield. 
Elders Layne and Ware. 
Elders Ware, Spencer and Stoneking. (Elder Spencer's hands aren't really hurt--just cold:))
Elders LeFors, Williams, Heaps, Preaident Heap and Elders Benson and Meibos. 

The Over-Six-Foot-Four Club: Elder Jensen, Checketts, Shaw, President Heap and Elder Holden. 
Elders  Bucknum, Squires and England. 
And then to the temple, to end where we began. 
Sisters Jones, Barlow, Boughton, Kramer, Crowton, Elders Briner, Hammond, Dunkle, Miranda, Jensen, Clegg, Staples, Sister McKell, Elder Ware, Sisters Thomson and Savage and Elder Bucknum. 
....and don't forget Sister Capron (somehow her 'ride' didn't make it in time for the picture---and we almost got to keep her here!!)
Lots of love going on...always a fun, but bittersweet night!

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