Sunday, June 7, 2015

June 2015 Transfers

First we head to the airport to pick up our brand new missionaries:)!
Loading all the luggage in the mission van, then heading to the bike shop. 
Now to the temple to 'begin with the end in mind'!!
After dinner and some orientation training we travel to the mission home to see the transfer board and 'meet' our trainers and hear about our first areas!
Having a little 'rabbit hunt' before orientation continues Tuesday morning:)!

Lunch at the Blue Sky before they head meet their trainers 'in the flesh' and head to the field. 
Served with love .....and a smile by the Assistants:)
From tallest to shortest, newest to oldest we love them all!  

......and we 'end' at the temple. So grateful for the knowledge that this ISN'T the end!  
We'll see if the mission myth is true...that if you carry Sister Heap's bag you will find the prettiest wife;)!

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