Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Duck Your Head and Go, Cowboy...

After months of preparation, it's finally time to go! We've always known that missionaries go through a lot prior to leaving, and we did too. We thought our house would have sold by now, but the Lord has other plans apparently. We packed up everything into boxes, stored them in the garage, and left a few pots and pans for Emily, who will be "babysitting" our stuff for the next 3 years. If you know of anybody who wants to move to Bozeman, we know of a house... :) Part of what makes a house a home are the memories and this one is no exception. We've loved this home, but as Grandma Heap always said: "It's just stuff and things".  Harder than our house to leave was most definietly the people we have come to love over our last 18 years in Bozeman. Our hearts are full with the love and support of good friends. We are grateful for their prayers and faith. We look forward to reunions in 3 years...or sooner if y'all come visit!

I snapped one last picture as we drove out of the Galltain Valley. Bozeman never looked so good.

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