Thursday, June 19, 2014

Elder Bednar Makes This Official


 Kendra and Grant flew to Salt Lake City to be with us when we were set apart. Our fear was replaced by calm assurance as we met with Elder Bednar in his office. What a treat to be in the building where prophets walk daily! Em had brought her friend, Morgan, with us to watch our 7-year-old grandson, Grant, outside while we were being set apart. Grant was pretty bummed he couldn't go in, but he wore his Sunday clothes just in case there was any chance he ran into an Apostle. To our pleasant surprise, Elder Bednar invited Grant to come in with us when he learned of Grant's preparation.
Grant and Grandpa- Adminitstartion Building Parking Lot
Morgan, Emily, Grant, and Kendra being SO reverant. Waiting for Elder Bednar in his ofice. 
Elder Bednar was good to put us at ease with his humor and love. From his experience living in Lubbock (when he taught at Texas Tech), he gave us a few pointers.
1. If you set a 6-pack of soda on an overpass (the highest point in Lubbock), and look north, you can see all the way to Iowa.
2. About once or twice a year there is a "Snust" storm...this is when the snow and dust storm come on the same day and it rains little balls of mud.
3. We are called because of who we are and what we have to offer, so be ourselves. There is no prototype for a Mission President/Mission Mom.
4. The Lord is hastening his own work and we are to assist. It is not us who does the hastening. It's out job not to get in the way!
5. And most important: LOVE THESE MISSIONARIES.
Waiting in Elder Bednar's Office. Do we look scared? WE ARE!

Elder Lynn G. Robbins of the Seventy assisted Elder Bednar in our Setting Apart.
Elder Robbins, Morgan, Kendra, Emily, Davd, Mary, Grant, Elder Bednar.

We spent the rest of the day as a family in and around Temple Square- just enjoying being together. We were missing the other kids but we'll make up for it when they come visit in Texas!

Lunch at Blue Lemon. Grant is still chessin' after being with Elder Bednar.
Conference Center Tour
Who knew this was on the roof?? Let's do this already!
The resemblance is uncanny...or maybe just the great taste in glasses. (Picked out by Emily)


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