Thursday, August 14, 2014

4th of July Party: Missionary Style

Several days before, two of our Zone Leaders invited David and I to their 4th of July party. They said everyone was going to bring a snack and then we'd play games...until bed time at 8:30 (No fireworks allowed). We were so excited and said we would love to come! That afternoon as we were meeting with the Assistants, they said that in previous years they had had a big BBQ at the mission home which included all the missionaries in the Lubbock area. We didn't want the Zone Leaders to think that we were stealing the show and taking over their party, but didn't want to break tradition, so we called them up and offered to do it at our house. After laughing for a bit, they said: "Honestly Sister Heap, that's what we were hoping would end up happening when we invited you two..." The party was a hit and we had fun getting to know our missionaries a little better! By the time we went shopping for food, every hotdog and hamburger bun was sold out in Lubbock, so we had a very American meal instead: Tacos! Happy Independance Day from the most patiotic state in the USA!!

Elder Bucknum and Elder Laycock
Elders Moore, Geverts, Johnson, Mortensen, May, and Nelson

Sisters Clark, Archibald, Tooley, Barlow, Kreitzer, Rice

Sister Soules and Sister Bennion (with Sisters Pepperdine, Tooley, and Barlow in the back)

Sisters Heaton, McKell, Evans, Affleck, Bearnson, Savage, Clark, and Scott

Elder McLean, Elder Laudie, and Elder Richards (Party Planner #1)

Elders Crompton, Backus, Stoneking (Party Planner #2), and Ware

The whole gang! 34 out of 260!

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  1. Missionary Style-4th of July Party! It looks superb adorable. These photos are fun to see. Looking forward to more such posts in the future. We too had enjoyed this day to the fullest. My dad hosted a BBQ 4th of July bash at some local San Francisco venues.