Thursday, August 14, 2014

Learning to be a Texan, Y'all

Being here about 2 weeks now, we are falling in love with Texas! We love the patriotism, the wide roads, the beautiful sunsets, and the God-fearing people! Here are some things we have found, unique to Texas:

Chelsea, you can come visit us! Texas reserved you a parking place!

Pecans literally grow on trees here! Actually, about the ONLY trees here are pecan trees. Courtesy of President and Sharlyn Reber. They are so fresh they taste like a completely different nut...from Heaven. They are great on ice cream!

We love the Lubbock Temple, inside and out! It's about 8 minutes from our front door.

Not Wilcoxins, but good enough to buy 5 containers..obviously.

I haven't actually purchased these...yet. Maybe when Jonathan comes to cook them for us!
David's turn to cook dinner tonight. I was so hungry, I ate it anyway! Not much time to do gourmet cooking.

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