Sunday, August 24, 2014

Abilene Stake Conference

Last weekend, we were privileged to be with Elder Renlund and Elder Meredith of the Seventy as they reorganized the Odessa Stake. We look forward to getting to know and working with President Vore!
This weekend, we were excited to spend time with Elder Keele of the Seventy, who presided at the Abilene Stake Conference. At both of these Stake Conferences, I was called upon to bear testimony without previous preparation--something that has been so hard for me to do without my emotions getting in the way. However, it has been sweet to watch the personal miracle unfold as the Spirit has literally put words in my mouth as I have born testimony of the truthfulness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It really is true! I love my life. I love the missionaries of the TLM. I love my Savior Jesus Christ. (And I love my daughter, Emily, who is helping me blog...)

David told a story about a wooden pterodactyl he had hanging in his office. The pterodactyl didn't have any idea what his purpose was or what he was doing on Earth. However, he lived here, he ate, he breathed, he slept, he pooped, and then he died. Thousands of years later, that pterodactyl has turned into the oil that is such a life-blood here in Texas-the oil that allows prophets and apostles around the world to minister to the Saints.  Sometimes like the pterodactyl, we aren't sure what our purpose is, but when we trust heavenly father, he will let us know what our purpose is. When David said that the pterodactyl pooped, this little boy, who was sitting on the front row with his mom and dad, began to giggle uncontrollably!    

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