Thursday, August 14, 2014

The 5 O'Clock Frisbee Club

The frisbee club before and after transfers. Only missionaries would be crazy enough to wake up this early to exercise with each other. Pictures were taken at the end of the game, AFTER the sun came's dark for the majority of our game. We don't keep score, but we do have a dang good time!

Elders: Squires, Crompton, Greenman, McLean, Pres & Sis Heap, Laycock, Richards, Ware, Stoneking, Bucknum, and Laudie.
Sisters: Evans, Clark, Tooley, Bearnson, Affleck and Barlow.

Elders: Laudie, Mclean, Richards, Stoneking, Checketts, Ware,  Mangum, and Squires
Emily, Sisters Affleck, Clark, Christensen, Sis Heap, Bearnson, Howard, and Evans

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